//LEARNHOW ASSETS FLOW THROUGH THE SYSTEM/Entering into a strategy is a two stage process.
Users first need to enter their funds into the system, often referred to as depositing into the Kernel.You will be charged a gas fee for Kernel deposits, but once deposited, all future gas costs within the system are heavily subsidised by the Kernel itself.
You next need to select a strategy, or strategies, you want to enter.If you select a strategy on a different chain to the one you are on, your funds will be automatically bridged across.
Once you have entered a strategy, the system takes care of the rest. Each time a yield harvest for your strategy is run, you will receive native tokens equivalent to your share in that strategy into your Kernel account. If you entered into a strategy on another chain, yield will be automatically bridged back to your original chain. You can then choose to either compound** your yield, or withdraw it.
Withdrawing funds is the opposite of entering a strategy. First withdraw from the strategy, this will deposit your principal and any remaining yield into your Kernel account, then withdraw your funds from the Kernel. Note withdrawing from the system will incur a gas fee.
//LEARNHOW YIELD HARVESTS WORK/Yield harvesting is triggered at the strategy level.
For 3Farm Strategies this means that all three pools have their yield extracted at the same time and aggregated together. Yield is then converted back to the native platform token where it is distributed out three ways, to users with funds in the strategy, to BIOS holders and to the platform. As part of this process the strategy APY is updated and published on the platform.
//LEARNSTRATEGIES (3FARMS)/3Farm strategies allow you to maximise your investment, and reduce your overall risk profile, by dividing your funds across three different asset pairs.
The system then balances your funds for each token pair and enters you into the liquidity pool. Yield harvests are completed per strategy, so upon running, all three pools in the strategy have their yield claimed by the system. The yield is then converted back to the native token for your chain, before being divided up between the users in that strategy (proportional to the size of their contribution), BIOS holders and the platform.
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